About Sureya Leonara


Working With Me

My approach is compassionate, nonjudgmental, empowering and authentic. Clients commonly express that they feel completely comfortable being vulnerable with me. I weave playful humor into this work, offering an accessible and fun adventure for those who are up for the challenge. My greatest gift is holding the mirror at an angle for you to witness your own brilliance - and calling you on your shit, so you have 360 honest clarity on what you need to do to live your most fulfilling life.

This work is not for the flaky, lazy, or faint of heart. If we are to work together, your commitment to yourself and your transformation are essential. I cultivate intimate, long-term relationships with my clients so we can truly dig deep and achieve lasting results. If you are fully ready for a life-changing experience, let’s talk.


My Background

I am a strong believer that oftentimes, our greatest challenges are masking our most valuable gifts. Working through these challenges are the initiations into our true purpose. 

Most of the work I do today is the result of buried passions, which I discovered through my own healing process. This journey inspired me and gave me the tools, compassion and experience to help others along similar journeys.

I came into this work through what many would call “the dark night of the soul,” when I became very ill around age 21. This was the beginning of my journey with the healing arts. There came a point when I had no choice but to turn within and examine all of the deep unconscious wounds that had created space for these illnesses to manifest in my life. Little did I know, this excruciatingly painful part of my life would be a profound initiation into serving my purpose.

Embarking on this path has led me to deeper clarity, more self-responsibility and truer empowerment than I have ever known.

It took me on a profound journey into my sexuality and I quickly realized how wounded, repressed, and misled our world is in this area. 

My life is now dedicated to this work.

Self-love and healthy sexuality have the power to heal each person and the entire world. 

This work has unleashed facets of my being I had never known, illuminated my true sexual essence, and opened the door for immensely nourishing and fulfilling relationships. Relationships are a hall of mirrors through which we come to truly know ourselves, and the more consciously and lovingly we can engage each other, the more effectively we can guide each other home to ourselves. I believe pleasure and authentic connection are our birth rights and that in embodying our full capacity for love and sexual vitality, we birth a whole new world into existence.

I completed my tantric counseling course, which focuses primarily on Mahamudra Tantra, with Shawn Roop of Tantra Quest.  I also completed Layla Martin’s Integrated Sex, Love, & Relationship Coaching Certification program with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. I have studied white, pink and red, and neo-Tantra, with teachers such as Charles Muir and Leah Alchin of Source School of Tantra, and Kim Rose Keller and Jimmy Nacey in Ashland, Oregon. I have also studied Daoist sexuality and Egyptian Internal Alchemy, and many other healing modalities such as Reiki, Theta Healing, body work, etc.