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How would your life change if you felt confident, empowered, vital and totally liberated in your sexual expression? Imagine how fulfilling will your life be…once you finally get out of your own way.

Do you want to be deeply connected, to yourself and your partner with compassionate communication, fiery passion, loving support, and a delicious, exhilarating tantric sex life?

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I’m Sureya Leonara 

I facilitate revitalizing, exploratory journeys for people who are hungry for change, inspired to create a life they love and committed to deep transformation. 

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Happy Clients

My session with Sureya was nothing short of inspiring, challenging and nurturing... Sureya is a true gem, a gorgeous, glowing goddess who will help you to realize that *you* are exactly the medicine you need. I cannot recommend Sureya and the amazing gifts she has to offer enough!
— Katy - Boston, MA
Sureya was very easy to talk to and no matter what the subject was, she spoke in such a way that made it feel very natural to respond and shed any pain, fear, insecurity, regret that I was feeling at certain points... In the purest sense Sureya provides a safe space to open up about your sexuality to heal, overcome barriers, and rewrite your story to make you a better and more confident person.
— Brian -Boston, MA
The process was profound, yet enjoyable and not overly serious or cerebral. I plan to work with Sureya again in the near future and recommend her strongly to those who might feel emotionally stuck and are seeking a lighthearted, yet powerful, guide through these blocks.
— Marcel, Family Physician - Portland, OR

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