Client Experiences


After hearing about Sureya's talents, I decided to meet with her to help ground me in my body.

In our first session together, she helped me to identify an old emotional pattern stemming from a deeply-engrained childhood memory. I did not realize that this memory was maintaining a persistent negative emotion that had me stuck. Sureya led me through the re-imagination of this memory that cleared up the emotional block.

The process was profound, yet enjoyable and not overly serious or cerebral.

I plan to work with Sureya again in the near future and recommend her strongly to those who might feel emotionally stuck and are seeking a lighthearted, yet powerful, guide through these blocks.


My session with Sureya was nothing short of inspiring, challenging and nurturing.

Her graceful guidance pushed me to look within areas of myself that I have not visited in almost a decade. Her visualization techniques lead me into a trance, allowing me to revisit tough memories in a safe, supported and comforting space. She lead me through the process every step of the way, never once urging me to speak when I was at a loss for words. She helped me to dive deep to the root of issues concerning my femininity, and how to embrace and celebrate it fully.

Sureya is a true gem, a gorgeous, glowing goddess who will help you to realize that you are exactly the medicine you need.

I cannot recommend Sureya and the amazing gifts she has to offer enough!



I received my first session with Sureya during a tough time. For three years, I jumped from one partner to another, and the mix of emotion and energy carried from one relationship onto the next had me feeling drained, unable to identify which emotions belonged to which relationship. In short, I was a hot mess! My last relationship had dissolved suddenly and I lost faith in the idea of partnership and my ability to be a good partner.

My dear friend Sureya offered me a session and while at first I was a tad skeptical that tantric counseling could have any lasting effect, Sureya spent a good amount of time helping me to disentangle what my true goals were - not just for partnership, but for myself.

We talked, laughed and her sweet sense of humor helped me to see situations from angles I hadn’t considered before and to refocus my attention on what really mattered: My own work with myself. Rather than fixing myself through relationship, I began seeing myself as a whole person worthy and deserving of love, and most of all worthy and deserving of self-love.

Sureya not only counseled me wisely, with beautiful compassion and a sweet sense of humor, she also offered me the tools from her own toolkit, empowering me to find my own way. To me, the sign of a true teacher is a person willing to give you sustainable tools to help yourself, not just quick fixes that keep you in a state of need. Now, I keep coming back simply for the joy and adventure of self-development. Each time I learn something new about myself, and am more and more grateful for my perfectly unfolding life.


“Prior to walking into my healing session I had very little experience with tantra or working to balance the male and female energies in the body. I have experience with meditation and energy work but have always found the sacral chakra, associated with sexuality, simultaneously intimidating and intriguing. I came to my session both with an open mind and a slight undertone of anxiety.

Like many men out there, I find it difficult to open up and shed my walls, but walking into the beautiful healing sanctuary that Sureya has cultivated, I immediately felt more comfortable. Sureya was very easy to talk to and no matter what the subject was, she spoke in such a way that made it feel very natural to respond and shed any pain, fear, insecurity, regret that I was feeling at certain points.

In the purest sense, Sureya provides a safe space to open up about your sexuality to heal, overcome barriers, and rewrite your story to make you a better and more confident person. As a society we shame people for speaking about our sexuality and it was very refreshing to be able to do so in a constructive way. I walked away from my session feeling very refreshed and with a lightness from my newfound appreciation for intimacy in its purest most playful sense.

I highly recommend this work to everyone. No matter what current or past issues you’re experiencing, you will find some perspective to help you move beyond them. I look forward to integrating the work and exercises from my first session and scheduling another. Thanks Sureya!”



Sureya is a genuine soul and I cannot recommend her enough. I felt a connection with Sureya from our very first session together. She uses different tantric techniques combined with her incredible intuition to help me discover who I truly am, and what my purpose in this life is.

Thank you, Sureya!


Sureya's many gifts of intuition and insight are deeply felt within moments of experiencing her healing presence. She gracefully builds a bridge between ancient wisdom and the modern world to share knowledge that is both profound and accessible to all - even those without experience in Eastern traditions. Sureya is a clear channel for the healing arts of Tantra and embodied movement practices.