Sureya Leonara's Online Dating Course for Men


 Level-up your mating call & completely transform your online dating experience so you can finally get what you want.


What do you think when you hear the phrase "All The Single Ladies?"

(Sorry for getting the song in your head).

Single ladies can be COMPLICATED ANIMALS.

I know guys who, in their search for love, or at the very least, a reliable booty call, have spent hundreds of hours swiping photos in online dating apps and messaging women they match with in hopes of finding that magic.

Then what happens? Maybe a date? Maybe you buy her dinner and drinks? Maybe you blow $100 or more on something a little nicer?

So, what are you left with after all the investment of time and energy and money?

For most guys (and let's just be real and get to the point already) it's a disappointment.


Listen, online dating is NOT DESIGNED for you to connect and get traction with a partner.

In fact, the mechanics of profiles and swiping are things that actively sabotage both men's and women's ability to get traction with each other.

Success can look any way you want it to when it comes to dating online. There's NO judgment. But with so many obstacles to overcome, how can you really shine and let the right kind of woman know that you're the real deal?

It's simple, but it's not easy.

Sureya Leonara - Tantric Intimacy Coach

Sureya Leonara - Tantric Intimacy Coach

That's why today, I'm releasing my complete online workshop that will give you a massive advantage in the online dating world.

The teachings in this workshop not only come from me, your tantric and relationship professional, but interviews of both men and women who have contributed their experience and wisdom to help men everywhere elevate their dating game and GET WHAT THEY ACTUALLY WANT (yes, whatever that is - not a lick of judgment)

If you're ready to change the online dating game and tilt the odds to be forever in your favor - follow the link below and sign up now.

Is it exciting, grueling, flirty, disappointing, sad, happy or something else in between?


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This 5-week Online-based Course Will Have You:

  • Overcome the most frustrating challenges and pitfalls of online dating

  • Get clarity on what you want and how to get it

  • Cultivate authentic confidence and increase your desirability

  • Land amazing dates with amazing women

  • Maintain thriving relationships with the one(s) you’re really excited about

You Will Receive:

  • 5 weeks of video content (that you keep forever)

  • Powerpoint downloads

  • Weekly challenges

  • Groundbreaking insights


  • Have your dating profile personally reviewed by Sureya (for additional purchase)

  • Join our private community of men sharing live insights from their experiences


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The First Class Begins Now

Join our very first cohort of this high-touch, online-based course now. Normally $497, it’s available for a limited time WITH BONUSES for a discounted price of only $247.

Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the entire program and are not satisfied, we will refund your full tuition. There’s really no downside.


the online dating world is a jungle

Catfish abound with misleading photos and profiles…
Flamingos wade in shallow water and can’t seem to see deeper than the surface.
Doe-eyed deer seem to prance away as soon as you say hello…
Cougars on the prowl to take you for everything you’re worth…
Vicious piranhas that will tear you to shreds and take you down with them

With all these beautiful and terrifying options, does it feel like you’re still not bringing in anything worth keeping?

Or maybe you feel like you keep repelling the ones you’re most excited about.

Let’s fine tune your mating call TOGETHER so you can FINALLY get what you want.


While my work is LGBTQ+ friendly, this course caters specifically to men dating women and the dynamics that occur within this context.